photo credits: Kostadin Kolev

Dominique is a hands-on designer currently residing in Tiohtià:ke (Montréal, QC). She loves making connections between conceptual ideas and humans, usually starting with a mind map. Her research focuses on how objects across multiple scales in the built environment affect the spatial experience of humans, relationally and individually. Dominique self-published her comic Truckitecture: The Rise of The Nomad in 2019, a speculative design project about the migration of humans from overly privatized cities into a transportation network called the “Non-Urban Public Realm”. Dominique recently completed her D.V.S in Cabinetry at Rosemont Technical School in Montréal, and is in the process of learning how to turn wood into things as beautiful and useful as the trees from which it came.

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co-founder of Studio Rat along with Emily Allan